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Join our team

At Silanet you will be provided growing opportunities not only at work but also in your life.

Our Values

We understand that achieving the goals set by our philosophy is impossible without a proper team composition and professional recruitment. By investing in and caring for our Employees, Silanet invests in our future.

Shaping our Future

At Silanet we understand that we are not only building day to day project but are also helping our clients, team members and our brand, shape our common future. This is why we take pride and priority in case, the company cares for the team, the team cares for the company and together we care for our clients and projects.

Ensuring Security

Ensuring the security and well being of our team is a great priority for the management at Silanet. We do everything in our power to make sure that our staff is able to work on their tasks with clear minds. This in turn contributes to higher efficiency and better results which help Silanet on the path to its future.

Growth Opportunities

Silanet is driven forward by seeing a clear path and future growth opportunities. As such, we believe that each individual member will contribute better to this path if everyone is provided with individual growth opportunities, not only professionally at Silanet but also personally.

Optimizing Workspaces

One of the goals of our management team is to optimize workspaces and processes. We are constantly on the look out for more efficient and comfortable ways to handle organization. This not only helps in efficiency but also removes stress from the Silanet team members.

Our Environment

Competitive Salary

We analyze current market trends and at the same time adhere to the needs of our team. Our goal is to make sure the team has enough comfort to focus on the tasks at hand.

Equipment Support

Whether you are working from our offices or remote from another continent, we do our best to cover your working equipment and assist you with your personal hardware.

Everyone Contributes

The Silanet GmbH team is constantly working on furthering our presence and delivering on our promises. The company understands that we are all a part of the same team.


We understand the importance of good morale and sleep. Our management constantly works on monitoring and talking to the team members about their needs.

We See You

We see the progress our team members achieve and constantly encourage and assist in the betterment of their work related position and skillset.


At the end of the day, we are a team, managers, designers, testers and all alike. Our objective is to help each and every one to solve problems, that's what we have each other for.

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