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Consultation & QA

Consultation, quality assurance and testing services are a crucial part of any and all digital projects. These services are usually time intensive services that a lot of companies would like to outsource to specialized teams. With years of QA, testing and industry relevant experience, our team will rigorously assist you in finding and improving the open ends in your digital projects.

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Specialized Research

Due to our team members having years of experience not only in industry consultation but also in research, design and development, we are capable of clearly understanding not only our clients visions but also the most crucial parts of their projects. Our processes are clearly documented and openly provided to our clients in order to not only provide transparency but also help our clients prevent the same mistakes in the future.

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Rigorous Discussion

A part of professional Consultation & QA services is sharing and brain storming ideas and findings in rigorous discussions. Whether with our clients present or internally with the Silanet team, we will test the limits of projects and ideas and come up with detailed reports and solutions for our clients.

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