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Our Process

We take great pride in our processes and professionalism. Every step documented, every pothole sealed.

Without proper documentation and review of every step of our and our clients projects, we would quickly find ourselves in a very limiting situation. These principles apply to small and large teams, the rules of the digital landscape can not be broken. There are no shortcuts other than crossing the t's and dotting the i's.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation allows us to get to know our clients and their cases. Based on this this consultation we will make decisions on project nuances and further information to be requested from our clients.

Review & Agreement

We will review the information provided by the client in order to allow a smooth workflow. At the same time we will create all the necessary documentation, agreements and project invoices.

Planning & Design

Our management team will work on a project plan, customized to fit the individual needs of our clients project. At the same time our design team will create wireframes of the project which after approval, will turn into complex designs and prototypes.


At this point, our technical specialists will have all the necessary planning, design and other related documentation and information to start creating the technical foundation and core of the project which will bring the desired functionality to life.

Final Approval

After the completion of the initial four steps, we will present our client with the created project with all its relevant instruction and documentation and discuss any required changes or additions, as well as, the final approval and our future cooperation.

Support & Maintenance

Once the final approval is over and the client requests further maintenance, marketing or project support work. We will do everything possible to off load our client from that work and deliver the desired results and performance.

Who We Are

Our diverse team of professionals with different digital industry backgrounds has decades of industry experience. The founding team was raised into the digital landscape from our early years. As such, we assure to deliver on our clients projects, following a strict creation process. With our team of professionals, your project is not only in the hands of a service provider, but in the hands of experts who care.