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Website Design & Development

Silanet offers complex Website Creation which encompasses all aspects of this broad field, such as: Webdesign, Webdevelopment, Graphic Design, Logo/Branding Design, Copywriting, Search Engine Optimization and more. We try to keep this process as non intrusive to your business operations as possible.

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Responsive Designs

The modern technological age is split equally between portable and desktop devices. It is important to create Websites with smarthphones, tablets, personal computers and other devices in mind. The professionals at Silanet utilise modern and reliable techniques in order to create visually appealing and comfortable Web projects for our clients. Before moving on to the code, our specialists manually and carefully create and demonstrate complete mobile and desktop visual designs, this way, our clients understand what they will receive before technical work has even started.

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Reliable Functionality

Unlike many other companies in the same industry, at Silanet we employ not only designers and front-end specialists but also professional back-end and deployment specialists. This allows us to create reliable and custom solutions according to any client request. We are also able to provide around the clock fast and secure Website run-times due to our hosting partners with whom we have safely cooperated for many years. Our deployment specialists make sure that your server and website is setup securely and efficiently.

What benefits do you receive?

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Sales Increase
Sales Increase

Studies have shown that running a thought-out digital presence is of importance to increase brand awareness and generate sales.

illustration showcasing an increase in client trust when ordering our custom webdesign and development services.
Client Trust
Client Trust

A major step in building and preserving trust with your clients is keeping a consistent and accomplished online presence.

illustration showcasing an increase in brand awareness when ordering our custom webdesign and development services.
Brand Image
Brand Image

Having a modern Website is a must in the technological age for your company to keep an a professional brand image.

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