Terms Of Service


  • "User" refers to any individual or company who uses services provided by Silanet GmbH.
  • "Client refers to any individual or company who enters a contractual agreement with Silanet GmbH. (i.e. Orders a web project from Silanet GmbH.)
  • "Terms Of Service" (also referred as "Terms" or "TOS") are the terms and conditions that form an agreement between the user/client and Silanet GmbH. (Including the TOS on this page but not limited to it.)
  • "Content" refers to content such as text, images or other information available on this website.
  • "Product" refers to either a service and its content published and distributed by Silanet GmbH OR a project delivered to a client by Silanet GmbH.

General Terms Of Service

  • The user consents to the Silanet GmbH data processing policy. Before using our services or becoming a client please read our privacy policy and general terms of service.
  • The client confirms that they are of legal age at the moment of getting into a contractual agreement with Silanet GmbH.
  • The user/client agrees that the use of this website or a project ordered from Silanet GmbH for Illegal activities in related jurisdictions is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • The content on this website if not part of a third party licensed product is owned and distributed by Silanet GmbH. The copy, re-use, re-distribution and monetizing of the content is STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless agreed to with the owner. (Note: this does not include credited private distribution i.e. sharing the website with your friend.)
  • The website content is served "AS IS", without warranty unless required by law or agreed to in writing. (The consumer/client is protected by the laws of related country/countries)
  • Silanet GmbH reserves the right to modify its general Terms Of Service without notifying the user. (Note: this does not apply to signed contractual agreements between parties i.e. terms in website orders.)
  • Agreements such as billing, guarantees, liability limitations, refunds, timelines and other conditions related to the product are regulated by a signed contractual agreement as a sub-process of project ordering.