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Who We Are

Silanet works as a team to deliver the desired outcome.

Silanet is a web & software design, development and marketing agency based in central Europe. We provide our services around the globe with available representation in multiple countries and offer efficient, high class and secure solutions for our clients.

Our diverse team of professionals with different digital industry backgrounds has decades of industry experience. The founding team was raised into the digital landscape from our early years. As such, we assure to deliver on our clients projects, following a strict creation process. With our team of professionals, your project is not only in the hands of a service provider, but in the hands of experts who care.

Why Silanet GmbH?

On first contact you will notice how much individual care our specialists provide you with and how much industry knowledge they posses. We care about each project as if it being our own.

With a portfolio of clients coming from varying industries; construction, IT, retail, software & application development etc... We take an individual & professional approach in every case.

We deliver the results in a high quality, efficient and well document package. Our clients not only see what they ordered but can also feel their project and are filled with positive emotions.

Our Process

Without proper documentation and review of every step of our and our clients projects, we would quickly find ourselves in a very limiting situation. These principles apply to small and large teams, the rules of the digital landscape can not be broken. There are no shortcuts other than crossing the t's and dotting the i's.